Daily Snippet

Why you should work with me at ptdmc.co.id

This post inspired me to write this vacancy.

At dmc we have, extensively, use open-source technology. These are what we use today:

  • LAMP with Yii.
  • NodeJS with express, async, ws, and socket.io.
  • Python, from scripting console to Bottlepy to web2py to Tornado. We don’t use Django, not yet.
  • Heavy use bootstrap.
  • No, not Java, not yet.
  • Not entirely open source but we have CodePlex to build our .Net Apps.
  • PostreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL, MongoDB

We have web-based project management for internal and external. Popular git for source code versioning. At last we were not the expert of each of these technology, but we try to movin on to more agile.

Please contact me anang.bakti__AT__ptdmc.co.id.



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