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Now I wanna step into mongodb query. Using mongodb driver for .Net it’s damn easy.

var q = Query.And(Query.GTE(“TglProposal”, BsonValue.Create(double.Parse(tglMasuk1))),
Query.LTE(“TglProposal”, BsonValue.Create(double.Parse(tglMasuk2)))); // tglmasuk1 >= x <= tglmasuk2
List bantuans = mongoDB.GetCollection(“Bantuan”).Find(q).ToList();

It’s used to find any data within range of date periods.
I’m feeling comfort saving date as double :).

Now, I wanna add more query ‘equal’ and ‘not equal’.

var queryApproved = approved ? Query.NE(“TglRealisasi1”, BsonValue.Create(0)) :
Query.EQ(“TglRealisasi1”, BsonValue.Create(0));

And add it to query date periods.

var q = Query.And(queryApproved,
Query.GTE(“TglProposalStr”, BsonValue.Create(double.Parse(tglMasuk1))),
Query.LTE(“TglProposalStr”, BsonValue.Create(double.Parse(tglMasuk2)))); // tglmasuk1 >= x <= tglmasuk2


Query MongoDB


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