Daily Snippet


Navy Hercules

Hercules Air Force

Alutsista in google.

A little interest in this topic from watching secret operation in
metro tv. Indonesia’s weapon system was far away behind other country
in ASEAN? it’s not a hot topic.

But a little surprise that nowadays Alutsista is a soldiers coffin.
The falling Hercules in Magetan, was easy example.

And more lowered, Indonesia’s soldiers is blow-up to be only first
safety when there is an earthquake, tsunami, flood, or other disaster,
not because of their skill to defences the boundary, or because of UN
mission. When president Soeharto on top, soldiers have their gold era.
Soldiers also dominant in political area. Now, SBY Presidents only get
proud when award, proud, flattery and raise come from White House, not
from his soldiers..fiuh. More deeply SBY forgot his Sumpah Prajurit or
Soldier’s Oath, the show mentioned.

Some people, especially from ex-general still consider this political
field is important. This was essence from Saptamarga.If military have
representative in legislative, there will be a balance to solve
national problem.

So why suddenly I throw my eye in this?. It’s just because my Dad is a
soldier. And I’m proud of Him. I still wanna know deeply inside the
military from civilians eyes.


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