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Savely remove Oracle

I’ve try it with Oracle version 8 and above.

  1. Uninstall Oracle with Universal Installer.
  2. After finish, Restart your computer and pres F8 to go to Save Mode.
  3. Delete Oracle Folder Directory.
  4. Go to Regedit (type regedit in Run window) and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> ORACLE. Delete ORACLE.
  5. Still in regedit, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> And delete your Oracle service (It can be your Oracle Listener or your Oracle Service).



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11 thoughts on “Savely remove Oracle

  1. I have already done this. I have want to ask you Which one OUI i can used for uninstalled?
    After installed oracle is created one oracle in that one OUI >bin>setup file. So this one i can use for Uninstalled?

  2. When i am trying to install a Oracle 10 g again. it’s coping in two drive. In one drive it’es showing oracle data which are store.
    N second drive store database. Is this possible? or some thing wrong in this?

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