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Jerez’s Moto GP snapshot

TV 56 20080330 193734

Pedrosa’s last lap. Try this lean angle now in your seat!. Pedrosa won this race.

TV 56 20080331 063304

46 menyalip 48. Mereka kompak urutan ke-2 dan ke-3. Hmm, senioritas itu penting!.

TV 56 20080331 063323

Hayden nyaris slip saat ngotot merebut posisi Lorenzo. Lorenzo juga sempet goncang.

TV 56 20080331 063337

Juara bertahan 2x keluar aspal. He’s not Jerez experts. Last year, he get 5 pole position, Now..getting worse. 11.

TV 56 20080330 193906

He’s done well. Congratulation. Waiting for Portugal next week. Everyone now have a chance to get World Champion.

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